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Combining technology and sensitivity, we match the needs of our customers needs to market trends, national and international, thus creating synergy between our clients and the markets in which they intend to operate. We at Aero Cosmetic seek innovation and quality at every step, always meeting the laws of the markets where we serve, and adapting our processes to meet the highest demands in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), always adding to the projects of our partners, security and reliability, both legal and marketing.

A business group with over 17 years experience in the sector (health care), underpinned by skilled employees, all imbued in constant professional learning, alignment with the philosophy of human strategies and objectives of the company skills, always prioritizing the commitment to our customers. All this translated into quality products manufactured by Aero Comestic for its customers.

The concern with the quality and visibility of their product extends to the point of sale. Our Department of Design and Marketing, develops different projects that span from the development of the packaging to the institutional/promotional communications of your company, making your product competitive and engaging your target with strategic planning.Our continuous and innovative development of new technologies for each department emphasizes our structural and professional preparation to develop new projects on any scale, from our own brand to large corporations.

Technology combined with trained professionals
who aim for the success of your product.


Suitable to your needs, each project is developed with dedication and commitment.
Research and development of products and technology
Manufacturing and packaging
Approval of suppliers of packaging and raw materials through laboratory and quality assurance testing to a high standard of analysis, cost-benefit, lead time, and care of existing standards
Clinical trials in partnerships with accredited laboratories
Product Registration
Export of products following national and international standards for road transport, naval and/or air

A competitive product is the result of
continuous improvement in every process.








* Products also available in aerosol

Always innovating. One of the daily tasks of Aero Cosmetic is to develop and pursue new technologies to add value to products and make them more competitive and differentiated for a globalized market.



Butane, Isobutane and Propane

System BOV

(Bag-on-Valve) external and internal recrave

Valves with seals in buna, neoprene and butyl with specific operators for each type of product, which improve their implementation

Aluminum tube and flannel cans specific for cosmetics

A well-planned brand
is a guarantee of success.

Your Brand

Proper planning brings brand recognition.

Your brand: an opportunity for those who crave to have their own brand and a differentiated product in the cosmetics market. One of the determining factors for a brand to come to life competitive is how and in which manner it is launched in the market. With Aero Cosmetic you will have all the structure and qualified professionals in research & development, design and marketing that are informed in the latest trends to develop differentiated projects.

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